101 Baby Stocking Filler Ideas

A baby’s first Christmas is a special one especially for the parents. Let’s face it, the baby won’t have a clue what’s going on. So instead of spending a fortune on presents, I’ve put together a list of baby stocking filler ideas that won’t break the bank. Most items are generic and available online or in various shops. Anything that is a brand is in italics but I’m sure there are alternatives. Google is your friend!

So here’s the list of 101 baby stocking filler ideas!

1. Babyboo Bandana bibs
2. Toothbrush
3. Soft Books
4. Wooly hat
5. Piece of fruit
6. Bubble bath
7. Bath toys
8. Sippy cup
9. Baby cutlery
10. Baby bauble for the tree
11. Night light
12. Teddy
13. Bubbles
14. Socks
15. Dressing gown
16. Personalised story book
17. Ball
18. Stacking cups
19. Novelty soother
20. Baby sleeping bag
21. Play phone
22. Teething rings / teething toy
23. Baby jigsaw puzzle
24. Rattle
25. Stacking blocks
26. Small musical instrument
27. Baby paints
28. Soft bath towel
29. Lift the flap board book
30. Calgel teething gel
31. Waterwipes
32. Shoes
33. Christmas babygro
34. Christmas jumper
35. Footmuff for buggy
36. Swimsuit / shorts
37. Nursery wall decals
38. Christmas photo frame
39. Christmas PJ’S
40. Plastic bib for mealtimes
41. Toy remote control
42. Kiki Moon Blanket
43. Vitamin D Drops
44. Buggy toy
45. Car seat blanket
46. Scented nappy bags
47. Peppa Pig or other DVD
48. Toy keys
49. Earmuffs
50. Mittens
51. Height chart
52. A Snow Globe
53. Hair accessories
54. Small edible goodies like bread sticks
55. Big crayons
56. Soother clip
57. Doll
58. Letter from santa
59. Finger puppets
60. Baby comforter blankie
61. Cot mobile
62. Balloons
63. Colouring books
64. Sophie the Giraffe
65. Elf costume
66. It Works Baby Sleep Spray
67. Car seat blanket
68. Baby toothpaste
69. Pack of vests
70. A cardigan
71. Balls for a ball pit
72. Simple wooden toys
73. Baby proofing accessories
74. A Gro Clock
75. Baby hand / foot imprint set
76. Harness / reins
77. Wellies
78. Baby nail clippers
79. Baby hair brush and comb set
80. Piggy bank
81. Taggies toy
82. A buggy clip
83. Wind-up music box
84. Half and half county (mum and dad) GAA jersey
85. Ireland rugby / soccer jersey
86. Plastic saucepans
87. A doll
88. Small abacus
89. Textured linkies
90. Swim armbands
91. A shape sorter box
92. Suction stick-on high chair toy
93. A fairy door
94. Baby sunglasses
95. Babog Baby Irish Speaking Teddy Bear
96. Muslins
97. Sudocrem
98. Post Office Prize Bonds
99. Baby passport cover
100. Pull back cars
101. Teething jewellery (mum wears but baby chews on!)

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101 baby stocking filler ideas for Christmas, All you need for inspiration for stocking stuffers for your little ones.

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