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I’ve had a pretty rubbish week so far to be honest – baby with crazy temperatures, sore back, thoughts of returning to work soon, etc. So when it came to this morning (Thursday) and I still had no idea what to write about, I was delighted to come across a post by Irish blogger Kate from Kate Takes 5 about summing up your 5 favourite posts. Kate is blogging for 6 years which is some achievement and, quite frankly, really hard work. So congratulations to Kate.

Despite this blog being mainly focused on getting information out there for other women, I found my favourite posts to be the more personal ones. So here we go!

1. Reading Between The Lines

Reading between the linesSuch a difficult post to write and I nearly didn’t publish. This one is all about dealing with difficulty conceiving and the emotional stress it causes. I had such a huge response to it and I’m so sorry there are so many people out there struggling with this. Such a simple wish, to have a family. Totally devastating when it won’t happen for a couple.

2. My Birth Story

What happens when it is the midwife having the baby? I'm a midwife and here's my birth story!This one still remains my most popular post. I just wrote honestly about exactly how I experienced the whole thing but from the viewpoint of being a midwife myself. I hope it goes to show that you can be facilitated to have a birth with minimal interventions in the Irish maternity system. A version of this post was also shared by Kellie Kearney over on My Little Babog blog.

3. How to do IVF in Prague

Personal account and information about going to Prague for IVF treatmentI wasn’t going to include this one as it was written purely to give a guide to anyone considering IVF and looking for a more affordable but high quality option than Irish IVF clinics. This is my second most popular post with new views every single day. I really hope it has helped take the fear of the unknown out of the IVF process and open up people to the very doable option of going abroad. Again, I have had so many queries about this and I’m always happy to reply.

4. My Breastfeeding Story

As a midwife, I thought breastfeeding would be easy as I knew all the theory. I couldn't have been more wrong. Many lessons were learnt!Breastfeeding, my god it was hard for me! If I had another child, I would give it a go again but I would be even more prepared especially mentally. I’m sure it is wonderful if it works out but any time I think of it, my toes curl in horror. The way to go is to get as much help as you can especially from a lactation consultant. This post literally details how things went day by day (because let’s face it, there weren’t too many days of it in the end). This article is published in the winter issue of Maternity & Infant magazine which you can pick up for free in most GPs.


5. First 3 Months of Blogging

A look at the first 3 months of blogging by The Irish Baby FairyThis was my round up after 3 months blogging, hard to believe I’m now 6 months in and due back to work soon.

So that’s me and my blog. Thanks for stopping by for a look. Hopefully I will have a new post next weekand not be doing a mad rush Thursday morning like today.

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2 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Posts

  1. So thrilled you joined in and to have had the chance to properly discover your blog. And don’t think you can disappear now just because you’re going back to work!

    1. Thanks Kate, no idea how it’s going to work but will try to keep at it! ? Great linky, you have done so well keeping your blog going all these years, very impressive!

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