A date with a difference

When you have two children under the age of two, dates are not really high on the list of priorities. However, when a mum mentioned that my local cinema were doing a screening for mums with babies I decided to give it a go. So it was a date with my 3 month old this time to baby cinema! It conveniently fell on a Thursday which is when my toddler goes to his childminder – there is no way I’d let him loose in a cinema, dear god no.

Baby cinema
I decided to write about it to raise awareness that this is an actual thing as there were so few people there. My local cinema is Carrick Cineplex in Carrick on Shannon and they run these Rattle & Stroll parent and baby film screenings approximately once a month. I know the bigger cinemas in Dublin hold them more regularly; it’s worth checking out your local cinema where ever you are located to see if they do baby cinema. I never did it with my first baby and was a little bit apprehensive about whether he would stay quiet for the duration or whether we would have to make an emergency exit half way through!

So off we headed on a beautiful sunny day (typical) with 2 of his wee pals (yes he’s 15 weeks old and he has mates!) and their mums. There was a choice of 3 films – we picked A Bad Moms Christmas (absolutely no reflection on us… hmmm). It went very well. The film wasn’t played as loud as usual, the lights were left on low and nobody minded if there was any noise from the babies. The babies themselves were very well behaved, my fella did need a little walk about a couple of times but there was no major giving out. It’s perfect really as most babies love a bit of noise and being held by their mum so it’s win win for everyone. There’s no problem feeding baby either. None of us needed to check out the baby changing facilities! My baby spent the time watching the big screen, watching everyone else, feeding and a 30 minute nap.

Although I went with 2 other mums, it’s definitely something you could do on your own with baby. I would never have the confidence to go to the cinema on my own usually but when you have your baby with you it’s probably easier as you don’t need to worry about being late or pulling out at the last minute for whatever reason. And if the baby does have a massive poonami or whatever then you can just leave without feeling you’re deserting anyone!

baby cinemaThe film itself – A Bad Moms Christmas was a total chick flick, nothing groundbreaking but great for a few laughs and to get you in the mood for Christmas. Good one for a girls night out to the cinema. And as for the cinema; I love my local cinema – for a relatively small town we really have a cinema to be proud of. Really comfy seats, nice toilets, you can have a glass of wine (yes wine in a proper glass – obviously maybe not when you’re bringing the baby but for evening viewings!), there’s proper coffee / cappuccino / etc, scones, popcorn, pick’n’mix sweets and Maud’s ice cream. Well worth checking out if you’re in Carrick with older kids and the weather is bad.

The mother and baby cinema costs €7.20 per person – obviously there is no charge for the baby and you would pay more to see the same film in the evening. I would pay it again and will definitely be back before it’s too late and baby starts crawling! So if you fancy getting out for a date with your baby, I’ll see you at the next screening which will be the first Thursday in December!

Carrick Cineplex have kindly offered to give my readers a discount at the next screening on Thursday 7th December – if you mention my blog at the ticket desk you can get your tickets for €5 each! Mark it in your diary!


Cinema date with a difference - the absolute joy of bringing your baby to the cinema! #babycinema #motherandbaby

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