Here we go!

I’m taking a leap into the blogging world, first timer so bear with me!

I’m the Irish Baby Fairy, I’m a midwife by trade and I’m currently on maternity leave after having my first baby. To say my eyes have been truly opened to the reality of motherhood is an understatement as you will see by my posts. You’d think being a midwife would give a girl a head start for motherhood but nothing can really prepare a person for the whirlwind that this is. 

So yes, I was fairly good with pregnancy, I was lucky to have an easy enough one – let’s face it, in my job I see the horrors that some pregnant ladies have to cope with and I count myself lucky to have come through without issue and end up with a healthy baby. The labour part went well too, even if it was in front of my work colleagues… I will tell that story another day! Getting pregnant was the complicated part and dealing with the heartache of infertility while being a midwife could be tricky at times. Again I will cover that in more depth in another post.

The baby. Yes I could bath him, dress him, change his nappy and deal with his cord with my eyes closed. Feeding him was a whole other ballgame. My next blog post is going to cover the holy grail of breastfeeding and when things aren’t always textbook like us midwives learn at university and we definitely do not have all the answers. So I look forward to hearing feedback on experiences by others and let me know if there are any topics you would like covered – there are so many and I can’t wait to get stuck into a few of them.


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