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Best baby presents

Let me be the first to say that I am the world’s worst at buying newborn gifts – you might just about get a newborn gift for the first baby (probably 6 months later) and highly unlikely for any subsequent babies. Life just gets in the way. I will try to do better in future. Therefore, I didn’t expect gifts at all and really appreciated everything even if it was just a card. These ideas are based on what newborn gifts we got – therefore other people’s great ideas and not mine! I will do a post soon on what you need and things you really don’t need for a new baby. Here’s a quick guide to some lovely things I got and what the most useful ones were.


Firstly we got loads and loads of outfits for the bambino and they were all fabulous, a lot of people were thoughtful enough to get sizes 3-6 months and upwards. This was brilliant as my little munchkin decided to skip newborn size altogether (much to my dismay as I had loads of lovingly picked out babygros and vests in this size). Gift receipts are fantastic too just in case you pick out something so fabulous, and someone else has thought the same thing and bought it too!

Good quality babygros and vests


You can not have enough of these. I was always delighted to get a pack of Next babygros and matching vests as these stand the test of time. In reality they are what baby lives in for the first few months as they are comfy and snug. I have tried many brands and Next will always be my favourite, especially as they have the little fold over hand covers (to stop those nails, AKA weapons of mass destruction, scratching baby’s face).


Handmade beauties


I received a few beautiful hand knitted items which are hugely appreciated as you realise all the time, love and effort that went into each piece. They are great to keep. I also came across a lovely lady on facebook who has a business called Creative Crochet that makes crochet items to order. I ordered a couple of pieces from her and the quality and value is amazing -photo above from her page. Really quick turnaround time too.

Sentimental newborn gifts


There’s so many businesses out there making sentimental keepsakes for baby that I could go on all day. Teddies are lovely, just try to make sure they are baby friendly (no little bits stuck on such as eyes that could be a choking hazard). Pretty wall hangings are sweet- see picture above from Shruti Design. We also got a beautiful framed baby name as pictured above from Irish company Little Tree Crafts. Another good bet is Newbridge Silver, they do a baby range here.



I love books myself so love to see books for baby. We try to read to him every night even though he has no idea or concept of books yet. Here’s a photo of some of the books we have, they are all great and I would highly recommend the Adam’s Amazing Adventure series as they are beautifully illustrated stories and it’s great that they are an Irish company.

Mammy Gifts

I got a really thoughtful gift from one friend of lovely Mama Mio products available here on cloud10beauty. They have specific ones for post pregnancy. Other ideas include hair products, jewellery, voucher for manicure, DIY babysitting vouchers, chocolate or just take her out for lunch!

Gift Vouchers


You can’t go wrong with a gift voucher, so many things new mammies and daddies need to buy for their new addition. One4all is always a winner. Also vouchers for hotels, spas (mammy gift!) and newborn photo shoots are great ideas.

Other Very Useful Stuff 

Dinners – we had fresh dinners brought to us by my mother for the first 3 days and I could have cried with happiness each and every time! Cake also helps!

Nappies – let’s face it, you can never have enough. Everyone has their favourite brands but for a new baby you can’t go wrong with Pampers

Bandana bibs – these look so cute and are brilliant especially as baby grows and gets more dribbly from teething. Good ones available from Funky Giraffe here and Irish company Baby Boo here.

Grobags – great invention and a lovely gift. These are used at night instead of blankets. You can get summer and winter weight ones depending on season. They are quite expensive but you can usually get them in TK Maxx for a reasonable price and good quality.

Sophie the giraffe – anyone with a baby knows what I’m talking about! If you don’t, just google her. Very useful for teething.

Have you any gifts you got for baby that you wouldn’t be without?

*Disclaimer – This post is not sponsered, no products or companies mentioned in this post have paid me or asked me to mention them. I have no links with any products or companies mentioned. All views are my own and based on my own personal experience.

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