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No, I didn’t name any of my boys Max; the Max I’m mad about is the Swedish brand Maxomorra. You’ve probably never heard of it but I can almost guarantee you’ve seen it on someone’s kids! It has an almost cult following in Ireland and I’ve recently been sucked in too. I haven’t been asked to write this or given anything free; I’m just seriously impressed and a little bit in love with these clothes. Any money you might have saved from my top tips for having a baby on a budget post will be promptly spent on Max after reading this so I’m sorry about that!!!

Maxomorra Clothing
Image credit: Maxomorra

What’s The Big Deal About Maxomorra?

When I first laid eyes on these clothes mainly in photos of children in my facebook mum’s group; I’ll be honest – I thought they were a bit loud and garish. However, they grew on me and I decided to buy a couple of bits just to see what they were like in real life. It was love at first sight! Besides being made of 100% organic cotton; they actually look like kids clothes. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed babies and childrens clothes in shops are scaled down versions of adult clothes? Our babies grow up so fast in our digital age; my 20 month old toddler knows way too much about operating mobile phones, ipads, remote controls, etc. I want him to play and have fun as long as possible, life is hard enough when you become a slave to all the technology! Maxomorra clothes have big fun prints and loud colours and just look like they are designed to play in. The designs can be mixed and matched together too. Each year there are 4 collections  – one for each season where new prints are launched and only a limited number are made. I kid you not, as soon as they are released some of them are sold out in minutes. Because prints are not repeated, they are almost collectors items with a huge business to be made in selling on used items. Because they are such good quality to start with, they last forever!

Maxomorra Clothing
Image credit: Maxomorra

My Favourite Maxomorra Prints

As I said above, I’m a newcomer to Maxomorra but I’ve picked up a few items that are a big hit here. And my wishlist gets longer by the day! My first purchase was a long sleeved top in the skeleton print (like the hat in the pic furthest to the right above) for my toddler. It’s a big hit with him and perfect for Halloween but also any time. I know his younger brother will get the wear out of it next year too. It’s been worn nearly every second day here, washes well, no problem in the tumble dryer either. For my 3 month old – I purchased a Christmas prints – the gorgeous green and red moose romper as seen in pic above furthest to the left, I can’t wait to try it on him. I also bought a polar bear print long sleeve top for the toddler – this one is sold out everywhere so I was lucky to get it!

Supporting Irish Business

Rainbow Kids Boutique logoAlthough this is a Swedish brand, I’m all about promoting Irish business and there is a lovely mum called Melanie McArdle who sells the brand (and other similar funky brands) in Ireland. She is so helpful and accommodating with orders and queries; such a novelty to be dealing with a real person as opposed to a big company. Her website is Rainbow Kids Boutique and I would recommend you check it out! Here’s what she has to say about the brand and her business:

The business has completely happened by accident! I also run GentleBirth antenatal classes ( and was selling slings and cloth nappies on my website. In autumn 2015, I decided to get in touch with Maxomorra, completely on the spur of the moment, as I had bought two things from them I really liked. I think my first order had about 35 items in it!
It’s slowly grown to be a successful business and we now stock other organic brands but Maxomorra is our flagship brand.  The prints are so fun and colourful – our tagline is ‘Bringing a little sunshine into your life’ as the colours brighten grey days for me!
Producing regular cotton involves the heavy use of some of the world’s most harmful pesticides- organic cotton has no harmful chemicals, and Maxomorra also only use harmless dyes. Just as well as my son likes to chew his clothes! Many kids with eczema or sensory issues find organic cotton more comfortable. Maxomorra work only with certified factories meaning those working in the factories are being paid a living wage and there’s no child labour.
They’re clothes you can feel good about buying, the kids love wearing and you can enjoy looking at. And as a bonus – it’s east to spot your kids in a crowd!

What Other Mums Think Of Maxomorra

Maxomorra Polar Dear
My polar bear print long sleeved top.

But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what a few mums have to say about Melanie and the Maxomorra brand:

I love Maxomorra as the prints are so fun and bright and make it really super easy to spot my kiddies in playgrounds, playcentres, the zoo, etc. Everywhere we go we get lovely comments on our clothes x.” Tricia Dublin

I love the clothes because my daughter loves them; she can identify them by their bright colours, creative designs and other kids comment on them which makes her smile.” Niamh Kane, Dunboyne, Co. Meath

My colour therapy: Brings smiles to me and beams from my two little sunshines. So easily spotted in a crowd/playground, and so very bright and bold – just how we love our little ones to be 🙂” Gillian Wilson, Monasterevin

My favourite thing about Maxomorra clothes is they are unique, he stands out in the playground and it shows his little personality. Plus they are very comfy with lots of stretch, perfect for an active toddler. And of course, shopping with Melanie is always amazing, nothing is ever an issue.” Jenny, Dublin

I love the durability, the uniqueness and the gender neutral approach to children the manufacturers have. Also incredibly funky.” Órfhlaith Ní Dhomhnaill, Dublin

I love that my baby looks like a baby all colourful, bright and comfortable; not a mini adult as so many other brands make them look.” Deirdre Kennedy, Donegal

How to brighten up your clothes horse with Maxomorra!!! Image credit: Susan Brown

Colour, quality, design, excellent value. Love that my sons hand-me-downs go to his little sister. Also it makes me want to do my laundry!” Susan, Dublin 3.

It’s different. It’s bright, it’s a statement, it’s fun. In a world of grey conformity it brightens our lives up. It helps that it’s organic of course. Let’s not forget that it’s largely unisex and the re-sale market is amazing – 2 key unique selling points.” Sheena Crean, Dublin.

I love that everything is ethical, and the cotton is organic. It’s good for the kids, the environment and the people who make the clothes. It’s definitely more than what I spend on the highstreet but the quality means they wash well and the styles mean they last ages, so they work out really good value. The fab customer service is the icing on the cake. And it’s great to support independent retailers. Brevity is not my strong point!” Emma Rai, Darjeeling, India.

Clothes that showcase my children’s personalities.” Rebecca McAllister, Dublin

I love that the clothes are so bright and fun, kids love them and they’re easier to spot in playgrounds, etc. I also love buying from Melanie and supporting local women’s businesses.” Helen Guinane, Dublin 7

Appealing, adorable, awesomeness!” Deirdre, Meath

Quality, colours, funky designs.” Ekaterina O’Toole, Co. Kildare.

Dress kids like kids… that’s what I love about it.” Nadine Walsh, Wicklow


Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored or paid for in any way. All items mentioned were purchased by myself and this review is my honest opinion of the brand.

Maxomorra is a Swedish baby and childrens clothes brand. They use organic cotton to make beautiful bold and colourful prints perfect for children. #kidsclothes #maxomorra #organic #ethicalclothes #playclothes

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