Mammy Profile – Kelly Anne Combes

Mammy profile of Kelly Anne CombesName: Kelly­Anne Combes

Age: 28

Occupation: Stay­ at­ home mum

Number of children: 1­ Amelia Rose

Age/s of children: 2 years old

If you were working in pregnancy, how many weeks were you when going on maternity leave?

I was working when I was pregnant with Amelia Rose and I stopped working when I was around 34 weeks pregnant my poor feet couldn’t handle it anymore!

Best part about pregnancy:

I enjoyed being pregnant so much, it was probably the only time that I felt comfortable in my own skin. The best part about pregnancy for me was feeling all the flutters and the kicks.

Worst part about pregnancy:

For me, the worst part had to be the awful sciatic pain I had during my second trimester. But thankfully this wore off by week 36 so I was able to get back to enjoying my pregnancy.

One tip on getting through pregnancy:

The best advice I could give would be to try and stay as active as possible. I made sure that I was moving and walking throughout my labour which helped me give birth to my daughter standing up. An experience that I never imagined!

Type of birth/s: 

Natural birth with the help of gas and air, the best form of pain relief ever. Established labour was one hour and one minute of pushing.

One tip on recovering following childbirth:

For me this was one of the hardest parts was the recovery. I had a few small tears and needed stitches, what an awful experience that was too I would go far to say that was less painful. So I would always advise to rest as much as you can even though it will be hard due to the excitement of becoming a parent and the overall excitement for relatives and friends. It’s okay to ask for help and always take people up on their offers of watching the newborn so you can rest.

Best part about having a newborn:

The newborn cuddles there really isn’t anything better! Oh and that newborn smell I just couldn’t stop smelling Amelia’s head.

Hardest part of having a newborn:

Undoubtedly sleep deprivation ­ I am afraid to say that’s hard! Nothing can quite prepare you for the sheer exhaustion you will experience in the first few weeks with a newborn.

If you were to have another baby, would you do anything different in relation to pregnancy, childbirth or recovery?

When it comes to trying again I would try and not worry about the whole pregnancy. I would worry about antenatal appointments, scans, results and obviously giving birth, if only I didn’t listen to those horror stories.


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