Mammy Profile – Nicola

Mammy Profiles - Nicola NaessensName: Nicola Naessens

Age: 38

Occupation: Mammy!

Number of children: 5

Age/s of children: 16, 11, 10, 4, 3

If you were working in pregnancy, how many weeks were you when going on maternity leave?


Best part about pregnancy:

The excitement, the flutters, the planning.

Worst part about pregnancy:

Morning sickness & heartburn, I went through countless bottles of gaviscon; not the minty one, that’s vile.

One tip on getting through pregnancy:

Raspberry Leaf tea from week 37. It prepares the uterus for labour and all going well will aid recovery. I had stitches after my first baby. I drank buckets of raspberry leaf during the final weeks of my subsequent pregnancies and avoided stitches. And labour number 5 was particularly tough. It is extremely important that raspberry leaf is not consumed before week 37.

Type of birth/s:


One tip on recovering following childbirth:

Rest. It sounds simple put like that I know, but seriously, it’s so important. Accept all the help, if someone offers to cook dinner, let them, fold the pile of towels on the chair, yes please, take the other children out for tea….see you later, have fun. Don’t turn down help.

Best part about having a newborn:

The smell-there is absolutely nothing in this world like the smell of newborn baby. The cuddles-holding this tiny little person who is completely dependent on you, who is yours. The love – the unconditional, overwhelming love.

Hardest part of having a newborn:

Sleep deprivation. Nothing compares to it. That and unwanted advice; seriously trust your instincts. If you want to hold your baby all day long, you do that, you cannot spoil a newborn. You cannot spoil a child with love full stop.

If you were to have another baby, would you do anything different in relation to pregnancy, childbirth or recovery?

Every pregnancy is different, or at least each of mine were. With each one I learned something new.

Childbirth is very unpredictable, each of my labours while they had similarities they were very different. However, the biggest thing I learned was that you need to believe in yourself, you need to make sure you are listened to and heard and that your wishes are respected.

With regard recovery; I didn’t listen to my body after my first and thought I could do everything… the time I’d had my 5th I knew I had to listen to my body and took opportunities to rest and welcomed them.

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Snapchat username: nicnaes

Twitter: @SimplyHomemade_


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