Review: The Haakaa Breastpump

When I gave up breastfeeding with my first baby, I was determined to give him as much expressed breast milk as I could for as long as I could. I had my Medela Swing pump and sat pumping away as much as possible to build a stash for baby. It was absolutely mind numbing stuff and makes a person feel like a milk producing cow. So time consuming and soul destroying that I swore I would not even take it out of the box this time round. However, unless I was planning on never being away from my baby, I realised I would need to have some milk in the freezer for him in case of emergency. Enter the Haakaa breast pump, my secret breastfeeding weapon…

What is the Haakaa Breast Pump?

Haakaa 100ml breast pump with stopper
Haakaa 100ml breast pump with stopper. Image Credit: Haakaa

The Haakaa breast pump is a very simple, yet genius, piece of silicone that you attach to your breast by suction and just let it hang there. The milk is drawn out by the pressure of the suction. There’s no pieces to put together, there’s nothing to plug in, there’s no noise and there’s no sterilising.

What’s so good about this Haakaa Breast Pump?

  • It’s portable – you can throw it in your handbag and bring it anywhere. You can relieve engorgement anywhere and any time with no need for plugs or attachments.
  • It’s silent! If you’ve ever used an electric breastpump, you’ll identify with the soul destroying noise that accompanies it – making you feel like a cow in a milking parlour.
  • Its easy to clean – no tubes or attachments, just one simple item to clean with hot soapy water, simple and quick.
  • You can build up a great stash of breastmilk for the freezer with minimal time and effort, just use pump on opposite side when baby is feeding and watch it fill!
  • Price – it’s dead cheap, I bought two! Scroll through to the bottom of this post for a discount code!

Are there any drawbacks to the Haakaa Breast Pump?

I am being very fussy here but in the interest of a fair review, here I go:

  • Spillage… especially with the regular 100ml size pump, it is very easy to knock it over – yes I have cried over spilled breast milk! The larger 150ml pump has a handy suction base making it less likely that you’ll accidentally knock it over. You can also buy pretty stoppers as pictured which I have heard are great to prevent spills, the lids are not as effective.
  • Spillage type 2! If your baby likes to kick about or wriggle when feeding, the pump can come off… and spill. Sometimes it’s easiest to latch baby on first, then pump so you can hold it in place.
  • There have been no studies done on this but some people believe that the Haakaa only collects the foremilk and not the higher fat hindmilk which is why the human milk bank don’t accept breast milk obtained from Haakaa. However, I found that the milk obtained using the Haakaa looked the same when it separated (the creamy bit on top) in the fridge to what I obtained using electric pump. I also used the pump on the breast baby fed on after he’s finished on that side to get hindmilk.
  • It could cause excess supply. This is because your breasts produce milk on demand so if you are demanding more milk using pump, they will produce more milk. However (again!), I did not have any problems despite using the pump sooner than the recommended 6 weeks.
  • The Haakaa is not as effective when used when baby is not feeding. I did find this true, unless I was engorged, I didn’t get as much milk expressed as I would have if baby was feeding from other breast at the same time. If you were looking for a pump to express all your milk for baby as an alternative to breastfeeding then you would be better with an electric pump. But for building a stash of breastmilk while feeding baby – it’s perfect.

The Verdict

100% recommend of course! So that’s my secret weapon in this breastfeeding journey and if you know me you’ll have heard me rave about it already. I would recommend it to anyone considering breastfeeding or already breastfeeding! Beware of copies of the Haakaa breast pump on the likes of ebay and other sites, the Haakaa is made of food grade silicone and is BPA free making it safe for use for your baby. I also have a discount code for Inish Pharmacies where you can get 10% off the Haakaa breast pump and any of their wonderful range of other brands and products. It’s valid until 31st December 2017 and it is BABYFAIRY. Click here to go to the breast pump on the Inish Pharmacies website or google Inish Pharmacies to get to their website,

If you have tried the Haakaa breast pump, let me know what you think of it!

Disclaimer: I purchased the Haakaa breast pumps as a regular customer, I have not been paid to review this product and this is not a sponsored post. The link to Inish Pharmacies is NOT an affiliate link, I asked them to provide a discount code for my readers and they have. You can also buy the Haakaa breast pump from other Irish retailers. 

The Haakaa Breast Pump Review - this really is a secret weapon to a good breastfeeding journey. #breastfeeding #expressing #breastpump #haakaa


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  1. Great review. Bought one for myself couple months ago. It is so easy to use, comfortable and doesn’t blanch my nipples.

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