Post Baby State of Me – Part 2

Last week I started my post baby body appraisal in part 1 covering the upper half. This one is deals with all the rest.


Ok so it’s not all bad, I’m one of those annoying people whose tummy disappeared pretty much straight away. After reading part 1 of this, I think I’m deserving of this much! However, that stretched out bit of skin that’s wondering what the hell happened here persists below my belly button. No crop tops for me thank you but all looks grand with regular clothes or the spanx under a tight dress.


Countless times in pregnancy, I was advised to look after my back and I did. There was never an ache or pain in it all through pregnancy. However,  I now have an 8 month old boy who actively seeks out danger and is able to stand up but has no sense to use this skill safely… Many times I find myself literally lunging for him to stop him hurting himself. Manual handling skills long forgotten and he’s now 23lbs. Yes, my lower back is understandably in bits. Speaking about this to a friend (who shall remain nameless!), she blatantly told me it’s because I do no exercise and therefore my core is weak. This was confirmed by my physio, in a more polite way, when he said you’re back muscles are over-used and your abdominal muscles and glutes (yes, backside) are way underused. So I have to start doing exercises…

Post Baby Pelvic Floor and that General Area

After a natural childbirth, things are definitely emmm tested in this area. Stitches heal surprising fast but it’s your whole pelvic floor that takes a real hammering. Following on from my back problems, my physio also told me that having a weak core can affect your pelvic floor so as well as your actual pelvic floor exercises, it’s important to strengthen the core in general. It took a while for full bladder control to come back, Iit was never to the extent of randomly peeing myself but the force of a sneeze definitely tested things and I still wouldn’t be off jumping on a trampoline just yet. Then there’s periods, when they eventually came back after about 5 months, they were the heaviest I’ve ever had and this seems to be fairly common. They’ve settled a bit now but those first 3 periods were heavy duty, how I’m not anaemic I do not know. I could go into sex here but I’m acutely aware that family read this so all I’ll say is just go for it when you’re ready, it’s really fine. If it’s not, please don’t suffer in silence, say it to your gp.

Post Baby Booty

I’m lucky that I never suffered haemorrhoids but I do know others who have and they are one of the worst post baby issues there are so I’m forever grateful to have avoided them.  Again, as my physio politely pointed out – my glute muscles are very underworked so my very flat ass (I actually wore bum enhancing pants for my wedding due to my lack of booty!) is now a flat and flabby ass. I’m going to start working on it. Those bum lift jeans were pretty much invented for the likes of me. So if you have a big bum, embrace it please!

Post Baby Legs and Feet

I have always had thread veins on my legs and there’s definitely a history of varicose veins in my family. I was worried that pregnancy would definitely leave me with veins everywhere but they’re actually fine, definitely no worse than pre-pregnancy. I did get a bit of swelling in my legs in pregnancy after a long shift at work but all is fine now. The feet are unchanged and unloved – no time for painting the toenails any more, I just keep them covered and am thankful we had an awful summer.

So that’s it in a very big nutshell. I hope anyone out there with post baby issues realises they are not alone and that even if people appear well turned out, they probably have spanx, wonderbras, bum enhancers, etc holding everything together underneath!!! And if you still have a baby bump long after baby has made an entrance, that’s ok and normal. It will go in time xx

The posts baby state of me from the tummy downwards. It's no picnic but it's a new kind of normal! Part 2 of 2

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