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Kiddy Evoluna
Kiddy Evoluna car seat out of car.

Car seats are a big investment and big business. I have previously covered the importance of rear facing car seats for toddlers and upwards but this is for newborns. Most parents need a car seat for their new baby and safety is at the forefront of their minds. That precious little bundle needs to be well protected on our dangerous roads. So with this in mind, we all have a different priorities – number 1 is usually safety then there is isofix option, colours, weight, ease of use, value for money, and so much more. I was delighted to be given the Kiddy Evoluna car seat to review as I had heard such great reviews on it. I used the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Group 0 car seat on baby number one so I did have something to compare to. Here’s how I got on. 

Safety of Kiddy Evoluna

Kiddy Evoluna Carseat
Photo Credit: Kiddy UK

Firstly, this is an i-Size car seat which is the current European standard for infant car seats up to the age of 15 months.  You can read more about i-Size on EUMOM here but a quick overview is there is better head and neck protection, baby must be rear facing up to 15 months, the length of the baby is what determines when to move up a size (not weight or age) and they must be isofix fitted.

Secondly, this car seat has won the Which? Magazine Best Buy in 2016 achieving the highest ever score for a Group 0+ iSize infant car seat. That’s a good enough safety recommendation for me!

Kiddy Evoluna Lie Flat position
How the Lie Flat functionalty works. Credit: Kiddy UK

The main selling point is the lie flat position which is safer for baby in the event of a car crash. It also means baby can be in car seat for longer as their airway is kept open and their back and neck are aligned unlike in a regular car seat. There is also side impact protection making the Kiddy Evoluna car seat slightly wider but safer than other car seats.

Look of Kiddy Evoluna

Kiddy Evoluna iSize as travel system
The Kiddy Evoluna car seat works with most buggies as shown above, check with retailer for compatibility. You can also see the array of colours available. Photo Credit: Kiddy UK

The car seat weighs 4.9kg compared to the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix at 3.6kg; the Kiddy Evoluna is also slightly bigger in size but for good reason as mentioned above. It comes in a great selection of colours, we went for the ocean petrol which is a fab teal colour. The seat is well padded out with a newborn insert included. My baby was very comfortable in it and tended to sleep well when in it. The UV hood is a highlight for me as it pulls down easily and gives excellent shade in comparison with the Maxi Cosi one which I felt didn’t come far enough forward.

Ease of use of Kiddy Evoluna

The Kiddy Evoluna comes with an isofix base which fits most modern cars. Please note that this seat can only be used with the isofix base, it does not work with seatbelt in car. It is very easy to install and once the seat is attached to the base, there are green indicators to show it is secure similar to the Maxi Cosi. I did find that I broke many a nail detaching the Maxi Cosi from the base; the Kiddy Evoluna detaches much easier so this is a major plus for me!

It also works with all travel systems once you have Maxi Cosi adaptors; I was able to use the Kiddy Evoluna with my iCandy Peach travel system. The only issue I had was that is was a little bit awkward to remove from the buggy base as you have to press 2 buttons at either side of the car seat at the same time as lifting it but this was a minor issue.

Kiddy Evoluna car seat attached to isofix
Kiddy Evoluna fitted in car. Note carry handle is up in this photo so seat is not in lie flat position here.

It is recommended to keep the Kiddy Evoluna in the lay flat position for travel and when attached to buggy. The problem with this is that the handle for carrying the car seat has to be pushed back meaning you can’t carry the seat when in lie flat position. It also meant it was tight enough for space in my car as the handle makes the seat longer meaning the front seat had to be pushed forward to accommodate it. Again, these were minor niggles and I’d still pick this seat over others because of the lie flat functionality.

Value for Money of Kiddy Evoluna

I was fortunate to be given this Kiddy Evoluna car seat in return for this blog review. The car seat including isofix base retails at approximately €450 which might put some people off especially compared to the Maxi Cosi which works out at approx €280 with the isofix base. However, the safety features are second to none and when you look at the amount of use a car seat gets, it really is worth every cent.

My Review Score: 9 out of 10

Irish Online Stockists of Kiddy Evoluna

Bella Baby – Click here for link

Baby Accessories – Click here for link

You can also click here for a list of retailers in Ireland and UK

Disclaimer – I was sent this car seat from Kiddy UK in return for an honest review. This review expresses my own opinions on the product and I was under no obligation for it to be a positive review. This is not a sponsored post.

Kiddy Evoluna iSize Infant Car Seat Review. Quite possibly the safest place you could ever leave your newborn!

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  1. Oh I love the colour of this car seat, it does sound great! The price tag is a little high but I think when it comes to car seats it’s worth every penny to keep your baby safe!

  2. What a truly helpful review, giving not just the information for this but help for what you need to consider. We have just bought our 13 month old a new chair to hopefully last a few years and we love it, was a tough decision with so much choice out there!

  3. Hey this review is excellent and you really cover some key points here. As parents we have so much to think about when choosing the right and safe car seat! Thanks!

  4. Not sure I would have considered this brand for car seats but I’m certainly look at them more closely now. There are so many in the market that I hate buying them at every stage. We recently chose the next size up only for it to be out of stock everywhere!

  5. What a fabulous colour and it has loads of useful features to ensure your baby is kept safe while travelling. I am past the baby stage but I will recommend it to friends as it sounds good

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