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I’ve been writing on this blog now for almost 5 months. I have a lot of material written and I’m conscious that some of you are fairly new to the blog.  Some of you might have just come across it by accident when searching for something specific. This week my post is a round up of what’s here and what might be useful to you depending on where you are on your own personal journey. From getting to conception to looking after a newborn, it’s all here!

Trying to Conceive

Pregnancy, the thing so many of us strived to avoid for many years! Before getting worried that you might have fertility issues, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with lots on information about your cycle and ovulation and then give yourselves time for things to happen naturally. I discuss a few measures you can take before you need to seek the help of a fertility specialist in this article.


Personal account and information about going to Prague for IVF treatmentOk, so you’ve done all you can to get pregnant naturally and it’s just not happening. You’re trying to keep a brave face on like I explained in my post about reading between the lines. If you do need to try IVF then I have a guide to how we went about doing IVF abroad in Prague. There are of course plenty of options in Ireland but I have no personal experience of the Irish clinics.


10 tips on how to enjoy those last few weeks of pregnancyCongratulations, you got those elusive 2 lines on the pregnancy test. Hopefully you will have a healthy pregnancy ending with a straightforward delivery of your little bundle or bundles!! To get you started check out the answers to embarrassing questions pregnant ladies commonly wonder about. During your pregnancy you may be told you have something called Group B Strep, find out all about that here. Or maybe you’ll sail through your pregnancy and then get to the third trimester and struggle? Fear not, here’s how to get through the third trimester and enjoy it! Are people commenting on your bump? Are you being told you are huge or really tiny? Here’s all you need to know about the size of your baby bump!

Labour and Birth

The benefits and risks of epidurals in labourYou are really flying it now! It’s time to think about pain relief in labour – are you a hypnobirthing girl or will it be epidural as soon as you reach the door? Is your baby breech? Or do you have to have a Caesarian Section for some reason? Don’t worry, I have it all covered in this post about what exactly happens from when you get in the door until you have your baby delivered by C Section. Is everything going to plan and you are all set for a normal delivery? Read about my own normal delivery here. Have you gone past your due date and still waiting? Read all about Induction of Labour here! And don’t forget the man in your life, what type of man will he be in labour ward?

When Baby Arrives

Surviving first weekCongratulations again! You did it! No matter what way your newborn baby made an entrance, you are going to be exhausted, emotional, overwhelmed, excited and a bit sore. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you are going to be very busy for the foreseeable future. Here’s how to get through that first week home with a newborn. Being a first time parent is a steep learning curve to put it mildly, I’ve shared my experiences of baby sleep, things that cause rage in new mums, baby led weaning, how to choose a car seat, to stay at home or go back to work, holidaying with baby, etc. There’s plenty more to come too!

How Other Mums Manage

My Mammy Profile series features a new mother every week; they discuss how they managed pregnancy, birth and looking after a newborn. There’s some great tips to be found and you might even see a few familiar faces there!

If there’s any topic you would really like me to cover, please comment below or send me a message by email or on my facebook page! Thanks for stopping by.

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